Wildlife MomentsAbout the project

Many wonder why wildlife moments with images are trying to reach attention. There is a simple, very clear answer.

Pictures convey emotions | Emotions move our soul.

Emotions can also be experienced in daily life in nature, with animals and with our fellow human beings. Positive as well as negative. The positive emotions that are felt through positive experiences are, unfortunately, less often visible or recognizable, like negative ones. Negative experiences, which usually cause sad emotions in us, are stored much more clearly and deeper in our awareness or subconsciousness than we think possible.

Think for example to the children in the Iraq war, who were deliberately led into minefields to blast the way free for the following soldiers - horrible, do you not mean that’s too!
Think for example on all those animals killed for fun, or to enrich themselves, just to allow anyone to present their latest creation on the catwalk for a few seconds, or ultimately to have any trophy of a slain animal stoned in the cellar - near the knuckle, we guess you will give us right!

Oh God, there would be many of these creepy examples.
Is such a way of our lives not absurd and abhorrent ?
Do we really not have any more to do with our live ?

Wildlife Moments can show you that there is actually much more in life. You can create beautiful, moving experiences with us, releasing happy and positive emotions, which give you a special sense of happiness for a long time.

Wildlife Moments itself is a non-profit company that has set itself the goal of helping animals, especially the elephant in Africa.

Keep in mind that elephants have traversed the wilderness for more than 15 million years. Today, this particular species is endangered by continued poaching for ivory. As long as there is a demand for ivory, elephants are still being killed for their tusks. It behaves like organized drug trafficking. Did you know that ivory is currently worth more than gold? Current counts estimates of killed elephants inform that up to 30,000 elephants are killed annually because of their tusks. Because of this these animals are threatened with extinction.

If the poaching is carried on as it is now done by organized gangs of poachers, then in 10 years these wonderful creatures will no longer exist. Surely you knew that elephants share the same emotions and cognitive behavior as we humans. They mourn for their lost loves, they feel fear, joy and empathy. They are also highly praised for their intelligence in all scientific reports.

That alone is enough to bring the alarm bells to ring and to fight this senseless slaughter of the elephants in Africa. Also remember that by the dead of the adult animals, the young animals are also in distress and ultimately die of loneliness and / or hunger, or they are torn without protection by predators.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT), a donation-oriented organization, has been taking care of the rearing of orphaned elephants, rhinoceroses, etc. for many years. The animals that are so happy and come to the DSWT will be after a certain time they orderly, human-controlled rearing, back into nature.

For this reason, Wildlife Moments has set up a donation account to support this association. You are welcome to sponsor an elephant or give your donation to our account and we will do the rest for you. It is ensured that the money is also passed on to the DSWT 100% and without any detours and intermediaries.

At the same time, we - Wildlife Moments - also hold speeches  and show you the images and videos of the emotions impressions of Africa, a country with its true and unadulterated nature and its wonderful animal world, Africa as it really is. The animals are not disturbed and photographed or filmed in their surrounding environment with high-quality cameras. Wildlife Moments shows you uncontaminated the nature and diversity of this wonderful continent, with its inhabitants living there.

Just contact us should you want to know more.
There is actually much to report.