MotivationFight against poaching & conservation of wildlife

Robert Gstaltmaier lives in Bischofshofen, near Salzburg, Austria. As a nature lover and hobby photographer, he has been interested in the African continent for many years. Again and again fascinated form the land, animal world and people, he is now traveling the African continent at regular intervals.

In the meantime, there are many thousand pictures and videos of animals in the wild, the impressive landscape of Africa and the people living there.

From a hobby became a passion - from a passion became a heart affair and from a heart affair Wildlife Moments was created.

Many people in the so called western industrialized countries actually believe that with money can be done everything. Through this absurd idea, many animals comes more and more in distress. These people unfortunately still forget that by indirect incitement to poaching, and the slaughtering of animals associated with it cyclically, they endanger themselves and ultimately endanger their own survival.

The daily struggle against poaching and the preservation of the animal in Africa is a never-ending concern. In addition, the protection of the animals is not only dangerous for the animal protectionists but also very cost-intensive.

For this reason the donation project "Wildlife Moments" was launched. Be assured, Wildlife Moments is dedicated solely to the interest and support of the animal.

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