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Tansania | Tarangire

Once again after a long flight with a stopover we arrived satisfied and happy in Tanzania. Tired of the flight and the first day in Tanzania, we spent the night under anesthesia. In a good mood and excited what the day will bring, we drive off - directly to the Tarangire National Reserve.

Today we did not drive around very much in the park. We were focused entirely on big cats. Of course you do not have not forget the elephants in the Tarangire, because Tarangire is the park of pachyderms. And exactly for the big boys we have spend enough time today.

Apropos cats ...... today and this is not so easy in Tarangire it’s rather rare, we have seen two leopards. We were lucky because we found a female and a male. The two come together for mating. The light was great, distance to the animals and also the position of our car was good. Unfortunately, the male was very lazy. Our aim was to film or photograph the mating ritual, but it didn’t work as we had imagined.

The leopard was very lazy and spent hours just lying in the sun on a tree. Then he ......... not to forget we have been waiting for 4 or 5 hours .......... disappeared with his lady in the bush. From the mating we only heard the leopard’s growl, otherwise we went out empty. Nevertheless, we have made some great film sequences and nice images. Finally, there was a lot of thick skin today - elephants - as well as jumping wildebeest and zebras.

Tomorrow we have another day in the Tarangire and we will see what this day will bring with it.

See you soon.