The giants of wildlife

Here you can find amazing videos and images of these unique creatures.

The millions of quiet residents...

...of the Masai Mara may not be forgotten. To reproduce the enormous biodiversity of the Masai Mara is nearly impossible!

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

An organization which is dedicated to the protection and nature conversation. A project, which means a lot to me.

Faszination wildlife...

...undescribeable - the variety of cloven-hooved animals. Wonderful to see, how they move through untouched wilderness...

Humans & nature

A symbiosis, which nowadays breaks down to often. Although... if it works - it's absolutely fantastic!

The nearest...

... to human being. How the mother takes care of her baby, how she embraces it, as if she would never let go - it's easy to feel the love of a mother to her child. Watch the amazing variety of primates and their organized way to live...

Predators of Masai Mara

On top of the food chain you can find one of the most impressing species - the mammals, also known as carnivores.

The kings of the air

The variety of thousands of different birds impresses me from one journey to another. Excellent pictures and videos of birds are awaiting you.


Latest news from wildlife moments

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an exclusive lecture or foto-vernissage

I could fill books with the many impressions and experiences in wild, untouched nature so far. I want to share these fascinating moments with interested people. Moreover I want to found a community, which wants to conserve nature and biodiversity.

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Wildlife Moments - A donation project by Robert Gstaltmaier

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Wildlife Moments

Thoughts & motivation about "Wildlife Moments"

Robert Gstaltmaier lives in Bischofshofen, near Salzburg, Austria. As a nature lover and hobby photographer, he has been interested in the African continent for many years. Again and again fascinated form the land, animal world and people, he is now traveling the African continent at regular intervals. In the meantime, there are many thousand pictures and videos of animals in the wild, the impressive landscape of Africa and the people living there.

From a hobby became a passion - from a passion became a heart affair and from a heart affair Wildlife Moments was created.

Here you can find further information on the project "Wildlife Moments“.