The undisputible kings of the Masai Mara

When a lion tears a buffalo-calf, a cheetah tears a zebra-foal, man is compassionate with the victim. But without predators the hunted threatens to extinct: lion, wolf and white shark are guaranties of an intact environment. Where they are missing, the climate changes.

from "nature+cosmos"-author Peter Laufmann


Untouched nature - very close & authentic

Game Drive to Mara river

Masai Mara, Kenia18.09.2013, 4:30 pm

We hope to see the migration of the many wildebeests and zebras from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara. The joy is great, finally an important part of the migration of the cloven hoofed animals, Experience.

There is the so-called highway in the Masai Mara along the direction Mara river. The closer we get to the Mara River, the tighter the situation and we all in the car are getting quieter. During the trip, we hear on radio that leopards have been spotted near our route. We must not miss this. It is simply a matter of time, and it's time to start looking for leopards. As so often in the wilderness, we do not find the least - we were too late.

So back to the main road and continue towards Mara river.

A new radio station, not far from us cheetahs were spotted. The decision was clear, but unfortunately this detour from the main route was not successful.

We continue towards Mara river.

Just at this moment I see brown spots in nearby Buschland. We stop and inspect the area. We are lucky and see some lions. The lions lay lazy in the grass and we could not yet see how many animals are at that time. Again only an experience on the edge. To see the lions on the way back, we store the position of the animals in our GPS.

Continue towards Mara river - the tension rises.

The wildebeests and zebras are waiting for us. Unfortunately, it was not until the day, when none of the innumerable animals were making arrangements to cross the Mara River.

No leopard, no cheetahs and no migration / crossing at the Mara River. Disappointed, we decide to go back to the lodge. Remember that we may still be lucky and find the lions we saw lazy in the grass in the early morning. We come to the place that we have stored in the GPS and find the lions again.

The animals are going to hunt at the moment of our arrival.

A zebra, seven lions, the hunt, the inevitable begins!
Tension and adrenaline are torn - what can the zebra flee?
Total silence, pure nature, unmistakable, honest and brutal.
We alone, seven lions and one zebra.
Silence. The wind ensnares us. Silence.
Only the triggering of the cameras was heard.
The hunt succeeds, the zebra is overwhelmed.
The big food begins.

The zebra far from the herd. It was on its own in the territory of the lions and could not hope of the  protect of the herd. Also the wind direction was exactly opposite to the attack position of the lions. All the circumstances were unfortunately against the zebra and so it was easy prey for the lions.

Poor, pitiful animal!

Nature calls for a sacrifice to feed others.
A steppe zebra for seven hungry lions.

2 days later we went again the same direction to the Mara river. We wanted to know what was left of the zebra. The skeleton of the bone was left, nature took hold of everything else.

Wonderful Masai Mara !


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