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Primates and the joy of the monster „car“

Lake Manyara National Reservat, Tanzania22.03.2016, 3:00 pm

The Lake Manyara National Reserve is actually known for the tree lions living there in numerous forms. In the nearby lodge where we are housed, the manager tells us why there are so many lions in Lake Manyara NR that spend a lot of there time on the trees. The lake regularly crosses the banks and so the water-shy big cats get wet paws. To counteract the wet paws, they climb onto the trees.

We have not seen a single lion in the Lake Manyara National Reserve, either on the ground or in the trees. For this we saw a lot of cape buffalo, zebras, wildebeest, hipos, etc. We really liked monkeys most, we have seen in the bush and tree landscape.

Since there are really many and they are super funny.

Diadem guenons, green monkeys, abyssinian black-and-white colobus, baboons and much more. The baboons and the diadem guenons were the best for us. These primates, and here especially the young once, have a very distinctive play which is simply fascinating. The young monkeys are frolicking wildly, and are not afraid to involve the older animals in their game. Often it happens that the older monkey does not feel like playing at all and it can easily happen that the little ones are adjusted.

In sum, there is always something to laugh and the joy of the game you can see the animals, who scream aloud through the area, formally. We are deep in the forest of the Lake Manyara National Reserve and are delighted that we will unexpectedly participate in a larger baboon group. The baboons romp wild in the area, and it does not seem to bother them at all or to be interested in the fact that we have joined the wild hustle and bustle of the game of these baboons.

Really no interest in us, is it?
Who would have thought, after a short breather, a young baboon discovered us.
In short, it is stated that the unknown object must be inspected.
What is played, what is the non-moving unknown - a car?
And the creatures in this immovable large part, who are the guys - even monkeys?
Related - no that does not fit, they are not hairy enough, not like us.
Even the long tail is missing - they do not belong to our breed.
However, the incident must be reported to the playmates and inspected at the very latest.

So the baboons decide to investigate our car.
Carefully the front part of the jeep is examined .... Great, you can climb on it.
Maybe you can even eat the thing.
It's worth, just try it.
Now they are wondering about a round disc, which suddenly becomes bright and then darkens again.
Yes, the bright thing, that could taste delicious, we try it.
The headlamp yes, the more controlled, but unfortunately, he does not taste.

Now some very brave baboons climb on the scales and sit on the bonnet. This is a good position to look more closely at the creatures in the car. For safety reasons, and that nothing is taken from our equipment, we have closed the roof and partly also the windows.

But none of the baboons can be held out. On to the windshield - now it has to be tasted.
Now one of the baboons and then another licks on our window.
The pleasure is limited, even after several attempts the transparent part does not really taste.

Everything that is so on the car can be of interest is now under closer scrutiny.
Also the windscreen wiper gets the curiosity of the baboons to feel.
Again and again, we are encouraged to do so by means of clear movements of the monkeys.
But we are content with this crazy situation - just funny.

Half an hour or longer they hustle and bustle of our jeep.
The baboons have their fun and also we do not get too short.
We laugh almost at the same time.

Two fingers end the turbulent hustle and bustle of the baboons on our car.
Between the index finger and the thumb, there he is, the starting key.
One, two, three, the starter, a blow and he starts the car.
Uff, what is it, the thing is still alive and makes sounds of itself.
In fright and excitement, our new playmates flee from the bonnet.
On and off before the thing bites.

This is nothing for young baboons!
Escape to the front and into the forest, just get away from this evil monster.


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